Top Tips to Design Letterheads

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Letterhead Printing and Design in ManchesterTop Tips to Design Letterheads

Although you may not create the design of your company’s letterheads, you should have an idea about how they may look after they are printed. Most organizations or individuals approach Manchester printing companies with a vision about how the finished product should look. Based on that, the graphic designers with the printer will design and show you how it shapes up. You can ask them to make any subtle or even major revamps in the design.

After you are satisfied with the design, insist on a printer’s draft. There might be some changes in the computer version and the printed version. Consult with everyone who is involved in the decision making process. Then you can give your go ahead for the printing process to beginThe first and the foremost thing that you should keep in your mind is simplicity of the design. It is a letterhead which will be officially used. So, make sure that it looks elegant yet, identifiable with the company. Do not make the design too large. If the logo and details take up too much space, less space will be left for writing or printing. Most Manchester printing companies have a rule regarding the size of the logo and print for letterheads. They will try to incorporate your design in that space. If your company has a logo, then that should be prominently displayed. Do not squeeze it in somewhere at the side of the letterhead. The logo should be apparent from the first glance. Make sure you choose good quality, smooth paper for your letterhead as this will increase its look and feel.