Letterheads are Vital for an Organization

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Letterhead printing for business stationary

The top level management of any organization, small or large, will not discount the importance of letterheads. Letterheads are nothing but blank sheets of paper that are used by organizations for various official writing and printing purposes. They also contain some details in a way that enables you to associate them with the owner. It is not an advertising tool per se.

Data written or printed on a letterhead from a particular organization will be considered as communication or property of that particular organization or individual. With many companies and businesses coming up, organizations have to establish their identity on the written or printed data, especially the communication. Letterhead printers in Manchester get orders from all types of organizations such as business establishments, educational institutions, government agencies, professionals such as doctors and lawyers, etc.

Designing a letterhead is not a complex process. More often than not, there is a template that is available for specific requirements. The letterhead of a well known organization with branches all over the world will have only their logo and optionally, their website. Medium and small organizations also have their logo and a few details such as phone number, website, etc. Individuals like doctors and lawyers will have their names, office address and phone numbers printed on the letterheads. Some have generalized logos printed on letterheads like an architect’s letterhead having the logo of a house.

The quality of the paper used in the letterhead is a status symbol of the organization or the individual it belongs to. Most letterhead design and print Manchester dealers recommend that letterheads should have good quality paper, preferably bond paper.