Free design printing services in Manchester

Here at The Printing Den we love to design so on all our products we offer free layout design so when you purchase your stationary/promotional print from us whether it be business cards or A0 poster we will design it for FREE!!!
Just send us your ideas for your leaflet printing they can be either a hand drawn, done on the computer or if you’re not must of a drawer send us some bullet points and text that you want on your product. If you have a logo that you want us to use we will need you to send it to us you can do this by emailing us at  along with any ideas, drawings and text so we can start putting together your ideas in the correct format. You can suggest colours, fonts (text styles), images and anything you may require the more ideas you have the better so we can be sure to know what you are looking for. If you have a web address please also let us know it as our designers can get a feel of your business so that you are portrayed in the correct way and we can keep your branding in tune.

Alternatively you can contact us either via  Live Chat or give us a call on 0161 850 6090 where we will be happy to help.
Please send all artwork and design ideas to the following email address:

If you have your own design for your product take a look at the fact sheet for the product you have chosen to make sure that dimensions are correct and the print data that you have used is also correct as this cannot be rectified after placing and confirming your order. You will need to insure that you have created outlines around your text and that it is in PDF format 300 dpi CMYK. If you would like to talk to us about design you can use the online Live Chat or call us on 0161 850 6090 and we will be happy to help.

Free design relates to Free layout design of your products which involves putting together ideas into the correct format. We aim to get your design correct the first time but we are just designers so the more input from you and your company the quicker we can get your layout correct we offer 3 different changes of layout design for free so we are able to show you 3 different interpretations of layout if you are still not happy which we trust that you will be we will give you a call to discuss further.

The Printing Den reserves the right to withdraw all offers at anytime without notice. The Printing Den cannot be held responsible for any mistakes in print which includes colour and spellings, It is your responsibility to check all details on your own design and if we design  for you, Once artwork is confirmed and ordered any mistakes or alterations cannot be rectified after placing and confirming your order. All artwork will be watermarked when sent for approval and removed for print all artwork designed by The Printing Den is the property of The Printing Den.